Relaxing Your Lower Back Muscles with the Nampad Pro

The Lower Back is one of the most commonly painful areas for the majority of people, even athletes. Chances are if you're reading this then your lower back bothers you. From time to time it may even become almost unmanageable. Often times the only solution is to either take some form of medication or a visit to your therapist or chiropractor. What we see most often is that many people prefer to just deal with it rather than trying to solve or manage it. And though it might be for a good reason, like; not having enough time or not wanting to spend so much money on visits over & over again, it's important that you do something about it.

Many of our customers purchase our Percussion Gun to help with decrease muscle tension and even helping to speed up recovery post workout, it's really only half of the equation. Our Namirsa Pro Gun is great for those easy to reach areas where a quick 2-3 minute session can restore some mobility & comfort. However, when it comes to areas like the lower back, the hips, or the shoulder blades, our Nampad Pro is the other half of the equation.

If you're needing a something to release those deeper muscles then check out the rest of the page. If this is something that you would enjoy having in tandem with the Percussion Gun, use our discount code to get the Nampad Pro for the same price that we sell at our in person Live Events:


“Persuade the muscles to release from their tense state.”

About The Nampad Pro

The Nampad Pro is a state of the art TENS/EMS device similar to one your physical therapist or chiropractor may use except smaller, stronger, & portable.

It's a long determined fact that pain signals can be interrupted by using outside stimulation as used by the Nampad Pro. It's also widely used for reaching deeper muscles that would otherwise require someone to stand on you, or require a massive amount of pressure.

By simply placing the pads near or around the area of discomfort 2 things happen;

1) The pain you feel in that area is immediately replaced by a massage sensation created by the Nampad Pro, along with stimulating the release of pain blocking endorphins.

2) As you increase in intensity you'll feel the muscles contract involuntarily in order to increase blood circulation & persuade the muscles to release from their tense state.

Over time regular using the Nampad Pro has also been show to decrease not just pain & tension in the moment, but to also help prevent the pain from happening again.

What’s included in Nampad Pro?

  • 01

    The Nampad Pro

    The control device which allows you to set not only your preferred modes, but also the intensity & shut off timer.

  • 02

    Large & Small Electrodes

    We include two sizes of electrodes for you to use on small & large muscles which last up to 100 uses.

  • 03

    Electrode Cables

    With two sets of electrode cables you're able to utilize both pair of pads at the same time on different parts of your body, or two people at the same time.

  • 04

    Wall Brick & Charging Cable

    The universal USB wall plug in & a micro USB cable to charge it.