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Our company's mission is simple but powerful:

Improve performance and manage pain by using efficient technology.

We found that TENS and EMS devices were the missing piece for recovery and relief, but we were discouraged to learn how difficult it was for the general population to have access to this technology.

Therefore, our engineers created these devices from said technology to bridge the gap and offer a real solution to people's real physiological needs.

Recovery and Relief in your pocket, without the cost or the hassle.

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Nampad was founded by two brothers Carlos and Ricardo Naranjo.

The brothers moved to the United States in their late teens from Ecuador. After a brief stint of odd jobs in the state of FL they opened a series of different retail businesses in the South East (Florida, Georgia and North Carolina) they eventually sold their businesses to focus solely on improving people's lives through their health and wellness endeavor: Nampad. They incorporated and started doing business in FL in 2011