Our company's mission is simple but powerful:

To Improve performance and manage pain by using effective technology.

In 2011 we realized that STIM and Percussion devices were the missing elements for active recovery and relief, but found out that it was difficult for the amateur and professional athlete to have access to this technology. We saw this as an opportunity to offer a solution to athletes real physiological needs.

This is how Namirsa was born. We make professional grade recovery and pain relief devices available to those who need it. We are proud to have become leaders in education and technology in our field. We are honored to serve our clients and take wellness seriously.

Our promise is to serve you by providing high quality and innovative technology that helps you become a better you, physically and mentally. We stand by our products with a satisfaction guarantee and a 2 year no questions asked warranty.  

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Namirsa was founded by two brothers Carlos and Ricardo Naranjo.

With a background of athletics in Soccer and Dance, the brothers eventually realized that training is only half of the equation for high performance. The recovery tools at the time were not sufficient for fast and effective active recovery, this led to them getting a team together and creating Namirsa. Namirsa serves clients globally.