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Nampad Electro Pads
  • Self-adhering - You do not need to apply any gel or liquid to stick the electrode pads on your skin. This feature of our electrode pads saves patients money that they could use for other medical expenses.
  • Long-lasting -  You receive tips on how to extend the life of your pad to receive the longest possible use while retaining its adhesiveness.  With the proper care, you would not need to buy electrode pads frequently. It saves you precious time and money.
  • Flexible - Ultimate TENS Unit electrode pads have cloth backing to ensure comfort and flexibility. You can put our electrodes on flat or curvy surfaces of your body without wrinkles or lumps.  As they are 20% thicker than the leading brand, these USA  made Tyco Gel electrodes will not feel flimsy.
  • Universally compatible -  You can connect our electrode pads to all brand of electrotherapy units with pigtail pin-type connectors. It is reported to be better than the pads with come with the package of your TENS, IF, and EMS units.

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