Namirsa Recovery Station

$ 4,250.00 You Save: $-4,250.00 (100%)

Namirsa Recovery Station

$ 4,250.00 You Save: $-4,250.00 (100%)
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 As a fitness facility/studio, you want to provide the best resources and tools for your clientele.

This is why your gym needs a Namirsa Recovery Station.

By giving your members access to proven recovery tools, you’ll not only help them on their journey, you'll also become an affiliate partner of Namirsa receiving 10% of each sale.

The Namirsa Recovery Station is functional and aesthetically designed. The perfect addition to a member's experience. Members can interact with Namirsa devices without staff assistance.

The Namirsa Station holds Up to 6 Namirsa PRO’s, 6 charging stands and

& 3 Vibrational Foam Rollers (our newest addition!).

  • 36"W x 51"H x 15" D
  • Standard AC Wall Outlet (Automatic Charge)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Commission from Members Purchase