Mobility Training to prevent injuries overcome pain

What do we mean by mobility?

At Namirsa, we define mobility as the ability to move your body freely, effectively and safely.

As a wellness and recovery company, it is important for us to live and answer the question- 

What are the best ways to prevent injuries and maximize movement potential? 

We answer that through mobility training.

How does mobility training prevent injuries and helps you move better?

We answer this question by looking at the positions that we take in our everyday lives. Fixed positions such as sitting down, looking at a screen, and improper weight training do not allow for proper range of motion and adequate activation of muscles. 

If we get into a workout without mobility, we begin to compensate by using assistance muscles. These are typically weaker, and result in improper posture, pain and injury. 

What do we recommend for mobility training?

Myofascial work: with ball roller, foam roller, or massage gun 

Look for an area that is tender or tight the apply low to high pressure. Keep a pressure that both challenges and relieves the muscle at the same time, and keep it there for 2-3 minutes.

Dynamic stretches

With dynamic stretches you won’t sit, lie or stand in a fixed position. Instead, you will be going through a full range of motions with controlled movements to activate your joints and muscles.

Full range bodyweight movements. 

Bodyweight movements are exercises that will both strengthen your muscles and increase your mobility. Exercises such as planks, push ups, and pull ups engage multiple muscle groups while engaging your core.

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